This course has broadened my knowledge of the industry & opened more possibilities of where I can take my career.

Hi, I am Martin and I work in a medical device company in Galway. I have just completed the Diploma in Science & Technology Studies in NUI Galway. I decided to return to education after 15 years away from it as I wanted to improve my qualifications to help me progress in my career.

The course was delivered through blended learning, with tutorials delivered in the classroom on a Saturday and online through blackboard. The modules were graded through a combination of continuous assessments and an end of semester exam, I found this very good as you could be well on your way to passing the module before taking the exam which took a lot of pressure off the exam. The course has a great variety of modules and being able to choose four elective modules, allowed me to tailor some of the course to suit my needs for what I wanted to help in my career.

A module which I found to be very useful for me was CAD modelling. The software used in the module was solidworks, which is the same software used in my company. Having never used solidworks before, by the end of the module I had a strong understand of the basics of the software and could create very detailed drawings. I recently moved into a new role in work and having a good knowledge of solidworks was a definite advantage over others going for the same role.

I have already started to benefit from this course by obtaining this new role at work and now having the diploma I am eligible to move up a level in work. This course has broadened my knowledge of the industry and opened more possibilities of where I can take my career. I found the flexibility of being able to complete the course between two and four years great as I was able find a balance between home life, work and education that suited me. The benefit of this course to me was the major factor in me choosing to follow on and start the degree cycle of this course which I hope will further enhance my career prospects. 

Applications are closing soon for the Diploma and Degree in Science & Technology Studies.

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