The course allowed me to keep working full time & to enjoy a work/life balance.

I decided to return to education after an 18-year gap to reskill and challenge myself to enter a new industry in the thriving Med Tech sector here in the west of Ireland. I wanted to reskill and develop my career with a view to transition and have used the skill of visualisation to go for it and achieve what I desire, so I got myself enrolled on the course and was excited to get started.

I remember the Saturday in mid-September 2019 everyone gathered in the lecture hall/rooms, everyone meeting and introducing themselves to one another asking “what do you do and why you are here and why have you chosen this course”. I also felt a sense of being overwhelmed at the amount of course content and workload to be completed, but with the help and assistance of lectures, supervisors, counselor’s and background staff were amazing and extremely easy to approach.   

The modules to be covered were Human Anatomy and Physiology, Mechanics of Solids before Christmas. Medical Device Science, Biocompatibility & Device Design started in January. All these modules consisted of assignments, reports and MCQs. There was also a Project to be completed on a specific area and topic of interest to complete also. The course overall allowed me to keep working full time and to enjoy a work/life balance, which was a major influencing factor. Before the world ever heard of what now has become Covid-19, lectures were on campus held on one Saturday every 2/3 weeks and as Covid-19 was an ever-changing situation the course assessments and examinations continued online.

I was particularly looking forward to the day that was going to be spent in the biomechanical engineering laboratory. This date was in early March. I was excited to see, hear and understand about the orthopedic and stent lab.

I have to say before starting this college course I was a little apprehensive and questioned my ability to fulfill the coursework but having been reassured and encouraged by fellow students and staff to keep with it and stick at it and I am truly delighted and proud of my accomplishment. To date I am still pursuing to navigate my way into the medical device sector. I will stop at nothing to achieve my dream. I now know I have a solid foundation to go after and persist what I desire and in the not to distance future I would envisage to participate again in further studies.

Thank you to one and all at the National University of Galway.

Applications are now open for our Specialist Diploma in Medical Device Science.

This course is also available through Springboard.

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