Springboard+ Course: The best decision I ever made was to go back and study.

Kasia Plaza, Diploma in Medical Device Science

What course did you study through Springboard+ funding?

Diploma in Medical Device Science at NUI Galway

Why did you choose this part-time course?

I was interested in this course as I wanted to start a new career in this field.

What element of the course did you enjoy the most?

The university campus is very beautiful and definitely being a student again made me feel challenged in new areas and helped me realise that it is never too late to start a new path (I finished my Master’s degree in Poland in 2008!). In the first semester, Mechanics of Solids was the hardest topic but with help of a wonderful tutor I managed to pass the exams. I particularly enjoyed semester with Biocompatibility & Device Design, I found wound healing in the presence of biomaterials and future directions of its use particularly interesting. The semester with Human Anatomy & Physiology was the most demanding but it gave me a lot of insight to my own health and overall knowledge of how human body works.

How did you find balancing study with work/family commitments?

It was very hard to find a balance, at weekends I had to do assignments or study the material and during the week I was working full-time – but it was worth it.

How has the course helped you personally?

It has helped me to believe in myself. I remember after first class of Mechanics of Solids I thought this course is too hard for me and wondered if I was able for this course. I decided to give it 100% and it paid off. It is not easy at the start but once you push through it becomes achievable.

Has the course helped you in your job or with your career development?

Since I graduated in Poland in 2008 I was working for a food company. I enjoyed my time there but after 10 years I wanted to change industries and without this Diploma it would not have been possible to get a job in a Medical Device company as those are two different worlds. I am now 2 years with a Medical Company in Cork and got a permanent position after the first year. The best decision I ever made was to go back and study.

Would you recommend this course to prospective students?

Definitely, anyone who would like to try a new career should do this course. With the help of Springboard Funding, there is no excuse!

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