This course is highly flexible & organised fantastically well.

I decided to choose this course because I was already working as a full-time teacher abroad in the UAE and my time was quite limited. However, this course was very flexible and I was able to study and work around my timetable. Another pull factor for this course was the opportunity to complete a level 8 course from a highly reputable university which would only add to my employability and open further doors for me in terms of my teaching career.

Access to the online lectures, podcasts and other learning materials around the clock made it an easy decision to enrol for this course. All lectures were made available via live online sessions. They were then saved and could be re-watched later. This was very convenient and was important to me as sometimes I was not free to attend live lectures due to time-zone constraints. Assessments were also flexible and I even managed to sit a Financial Accounting exam online from a hotel room in Istanbul! Again, the adaptability of Louise (Course Coordinator) and the lecturers made this possible.

One thing that I particularly liked was in the Leading & Managing People module, we had the opportunity to analyse Jameson’s recruitment and selection policies for their International Graduate Programme. I found it very interesting to explore how a global brand went about finding the best employees for their business. This will also help me to prepare my students for life after school and aid them with their journeys to join prestigious companies of the same stature.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. It is highly flexible and the course is organised fantastically well. The lecturers are very accessible and professional. This course has enabled me to professionally develop in terms of my career and it will also allow me to apply for future teaching positions that I previously could not have applied for. For that, I will be forever grateful to NUI Galway and the College of Business, Public Policy and Law.

Applications are now open for the Higher Diploma in Business Studies (Online)

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