I would certainly recommend this masters & NUI Galway.

I undertook the Masters in Software Engineering and Database Technologies in 2016, on a part-time basis. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2005 and spent the interim years working in hospitality followed by software companies, including hospitality software. I was delighted to return to NUI Galway to obtain my master’s degree. I had been searching for a number of years for a course I could re-enter education with, one to compliment my career and it was essential I could undertake it while continuing to work full time.

The course consisted of ten modules and a thesis. One of the reasons this course appealed to me was the delivery method. The course content and lectures were all online and as they were recorded I could dip into them when I had time in the evenings and at weekends. This was best for me, rather than committing to the same time each week or needing to take time off from work. The modules were varied and we had a lot of support from our lecturers.

Our online forums allowed for interaction and collaboration with our classmates. Even though we did not meet apart from the introductory day and at our graduation, there was plenty of opportunity to get to know each other, offer support and learn from each other. I really enjoyed the collaborative and cooperative learning environment that was nurtured by our course coordinator and lecturers.

With regards to the modules themselves, I particularly enjoyed the subjects I had absolutely no previous experience of, such as coding. While certainly challenging and a step outside of my comfort zone, I found the practical elements beneficial to my understanding and learning.

Also, as daunting as it was to begin with, having never written anything of its length in my undergraduate degree, I enjoyed writing my thesis. Having to research and compile it on a topic of my choice meant that I had the opportunity to link it in with my career.

I’m very glad I did this course. My career has advanced and the skills I was able to develop during my masters have stood to me in my day-to-day role. To anyone that’s looking to enter the IT sector, or looking to expand their qualifications, I would certainly recommend this masters and NUI Galway.

Find out more about the MSc in Software Engineering and Database Technologies. We also offer an online Diploma in Software Engineering.

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