The Diploma in Management is a worthwhile, challenging and rewarding undertaking.

My role as a Chemist in the Health Services Executive involves a significant amount of people management and I felt that this course would provide me with a fresh insight and new ideas towards my personal approach to management. In addition I felt that it was time, personally and professionally, to embark on further learning and additional continued professional development and the Diploma contained interesting content and potential.

The course is primarily delivered online with two onsite deliveries; the onsite modules are an initial introduction and a Negotiation Skills module in Year 2. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the latter module required remote delivery during my term. The online delivery involves a mix of live & recorded lectures, with significant online resource availability. The structured delivery on Blackboard, whilst initially intimidating, becomes easily navigable and a superb resource. Additionally, access to the library (online and physically) and the support of fellow students is of immense assistance. The course is challenging and does require a significant time commitment, but is certainly manageable with careful time management and structuring.

I found two modules of the course particularly interesting, for quite different reasons, personal and professional. On a personal level the Critical Thinking module is a fascinating insight into the way we think and teaches important skills on information analysis, particularly in today’s world of information overload. On a professional level the Organisational Psychology & Analysis module has provided me with new approaches towards my own awareness and management styles that I believe are already paying dividends in my work life and have led to positive improvements in my approach towards colleagues.

I have taken three things from the course – a sense of enjoyment in learning challenging new material – a sense of accomplishment for realising that I can still learn and manage my time effectively – finally, having been successful in a recent interview, I think the course has equipped me with relevant information and confidence to advance in my career.

I can thoroughly recommend the Diploma in Management as a worthwhile, challenging and rewarding undertaking.

Applications are now open for the Diploma in Management.

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