One year on…

We have reached a significant milestone in March 2021, a full year of living with Covid-19, a year like no other. As we look back on this year and the skills that we have learned – at speed, this global pandemic has changed the way we live, work and communicate with one another.

Having celebrated the 50th anniversary of Adult Learning at NUI Galway, it has been a challenging, but exciting year for us at the Centre. Many of our courses were ideally placed to upskill employees to meet the demands of a world where teaching and learning moved entirely online for many months and where workers were asked to stay and work from home.

What our students had to say about choosing online learning…

We are very proud of how our students have adapted to this change. From a recent survey we discovered that over 60% of our students felt that moving to a fully online teaching mode due to Covid-19 didn’t affect their decision when choosing a part-time course. A further 13% felt they were reluctant at first but have got used to the online delivery with some students now preferring this mode of delivery. In our new #studentsthatinspire blog series we have received a lot of positive feedback regarding online learning. Here is a flavour of some of those comments:

“With online part-time study I could work in full-time employment and manage all my responsibilities. Continuous assessment and real-life scenarios are a great way to learn and connects theory and practice. Even though the course is delivered online, lecturers are always there for you. After every online session with the lecturer I felt motivated to study and find out more about the topic.”
Kamila Hanáková, Diploma in Marketing

“Access to the online lectures, podcasts and other learning materials around the clock made it an easy decision to enroll for this course. All lectures were made available via live online sessions. They were then saved and could be re-watched later. This was very convenient and was important to me as sometimes I was not free to attend live lectures due to time-zone constraints.”
Eric Corcorcon, Business Studies Online (Higher Diploma)

“I had a perception of having to drive to Galway every evening after work to sit in a lecture hall, but everything was delivered online, including lectures. Brilliantly, lectures are also recorded, so all of the learning material can be accessed at a time that suits. There were also podcasts. I travel a lot for work, so was able to learn even while driving. I did not feel remote from my lecturers or classmates at any time”.  
Emer Gielty, Commerce Online (Degree)

Conscious of the financial demands that many students are experiencing, particularly in the current economic climate, a number of funding opportunities are available to reduce course fees. An Adult Learning Tuition Scholarship is available for those in receipt of specific payments from the Department of Social Protection, Springboard+ funding for approved courses and scholarships are also offered in collaboration with the 30% Club in the area of Technology Management. Click here for further information.

Planning Ahead

While we are still somewhat unsure of what lies ahead, we will continue to work and plan for our next academic year and will keep our website updated with any further announcements.

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