Finally, I have more belief in myself and my abilities…

I work full time as a salesperson for a multinational company called Schneider Electric. I studied business and commerce online between 2018 and 2021. When I took up the course, it was at the behest of my boss. At the time I was not enthusiastic about the idea, because I was in a role where all of my peers had degrees. I had reached that level without one and stubbornly did not see the benefit in doing one, but I was very wrong.

The course content and delivery were entirely different to what I expected. The variety of modules was wonderful. Broadly I studied economics, accounting, business law, management theory, statistics, business information systems, analytics and marketing. I had a perception of having to drive to Galway every evening after work to sit in a lecture hall, but everything was delivered online, including lectures. Brilliantly, lectures are also recorded, so all of the learning material can be accessed at a time that suits. There were also podcasts. I travel a lot for work, so was able to learn even while driving. I did not feel remote from my lecturers or classmates at any time. There was great interaction throughout the four years.

As I said at the outset, I work for a multinational and everything I learned I was able to apply to my job. Suddenly so much of what I heard on a daily basis in work started to make sense to me or took on a greater meaning. I was better able to see the bigger picture and how all of my colleagues in various departments fit together. University teaches you new ways of thinking. In every module I learned how to think critically, how to analyse situations, how to better express myself and after only two years of study, I got promoted in work. Every module was applicable to my real life work situation.

I dropped out of university after school and thought that the opportunity to gain a degree had long passed me by. Thanks to NUI Galway’s adult learning faculty that was not the case. As well as gaining a huge amount of knowledge I have also developed as a person. The feedback I traditionally got from my managers was that I lacked confidence. Finally, I have more belief in myself and my abilities. In work meetings, I am able to speak with conviction for the first time. I now have the learning bug and fully intend to go on from here and study further. The online B. Comm degree has given me a good grounding in business, so there are a multitude of areas that I can delve deeper into. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their business skills – soft skills as well as more technical skills.

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