My Springboard+ course

What part-time course did you study through Springboard+ funding?

I studied the Medical Device Science (Specialist Diploma) at NUI Galway.

Why did you choose this part-time course with Adult Learning, NUI Galway?

I recently moved from a mechanical engineering role into medical devices and thought this course was well suited for a smoother transition.

What element of the course did you enjoy the most?

I found the project the most enjoyable aspect as the topic was relevant to my current role, and the data gathered was of practical use to the company. The project was complimented by each of the modules I undertook during the course. A detailed and fundamental understanding was provided by the Human Anatomy and Physiology module in semester one. This was enhanced by Biocompatibility & Device Design and Medical Device Science in the second semester, which described the design of a range of medical devices, including scaffolds and orthopaedic implants. Factors such as sterilization and FDA approval provided a good understanding of the processes required for device design and commercialisation.

How did you find balancing study with work/family commitments?

Although lectures are only held every month or so, the scope of modules in conjunction with continuous assessment mean that good time management is necessary for balancing the course with work and personal commitments. It’s important to keep on top of the regular deadlines and try not to leave exam preparation until the last minute.

How has the course helped you personally?

This course has provided me with greater confidence in terms of analysis of medical device literature, design and development. I would recommend the course for anyone who is transitioning into medical devices and would consider Springboard courses for future upskilling.

Has the course helped you in your job or with your career development?

The course has been very helpful in terms of providing me with a good overview of medical device development and has complimented my new role well. I think the opportunity to study while working is a greater advantage, as opposed to full-time study, as I was able to observe the real-world implementation of many of the aspects I learned about in the classroom.

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