Student Support Tutor

Pádraig Ó Sabhain, Student Support Tutor
for part-time students at NUI Galway

What is your role at the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development?

My primary duty is to be available for any of our students who seek support in relation to their studies.

What is the most common question you get asked by our Adult Learners?

The most common question that I get asked is “How to get back on track with my studies?” Many students, especially part-time adult learners, with all the unavoidable demands of their personal, family, working and social lives, get side-tracked from their studies and can need support in staying with the course and getting back into the ‘study-groove’.

What is the biggest concern for Adult Learners returning to study?

The biggest concern for adult learners returning to study is their lack of self-confidence in being able to write academically. Adult learners will have much ‘life experience’ to attach their new learning to and thus much to write about. Their usual concern is how to structure these opinions and expressions.

It is important that our students know that help and guidance is constantly available throughout their part-time course – from the course tutors, the Academic Writing Centre, an Online Resource in Essential Research Skills and also from myself as Student Support Tutor.

Do students avail of the services available at the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development?

A majority of students do not avail of the services available at the Centre. Many will never need them, while others might be too self-conscious to seek support. Yet, once a student has contacted us, they are very likely to call again throughout their time with us.

Any tips for students planning to take a course in September?

Students planning to begin a course in September should contact the Centre for pre-course information. If possible they might speak with a friend/student who has taken such a course within the last year or two, seeking practical advice and tips. When beginning a new course of studies it is imperative that they attend the orientation day (if applicable).

Browse through our part-time courses or come along to our annual Information Evening next month!

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