Into the final stretch…

Back at the beginning of this semester I wrote a piece discussing my introduction to the MSc in Technology Management and my experience to date as a part-time student. While I remember feeling overwhelmed last semester, this Spring semester was a different experience. While the start of the Spring semester feels a long long time ago at this stage, I vaguely remember feeling more in control and ready to take on the upcoming semester. Turns out I was half right – half deluded! The challenges of the expected but untimely sick child impacting my initial plans came and went. You definitely get perspective when you have a sick child and a significant workload that needs to get done.

Emma Kilduff, MSc in Technology Management – awarded the 30% Club Scholarship, 2018

That being said, I trudged my way through the semester without too many issues and to be fair , overall, was an enjoyable experience with similar learnings from the previous semester… better time management, less procrastination and so on. My husband had another belter of a semester; he has been a massive support from day 1 on the MSc and without him I simply would not be in a position to work full time and complete this MSc. Almost done with semester 2 now and it is a fantastic feeling. I am very much looking forward to the summer and getting my life back with friends and family. Next year will be a different beast and I am planning to use the summer to prepare for the challenge ahead. Bring it on!”

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