Staff Stories: Meet Bonnie…

What is your role?

Multimedia Content Developer at the Centre for Adult Learning & Professional Development (CALPD).

What does your role entail?

I help CALPD staff to create online content for their modules on Blackboard. This includes giving them information on best practices in online content creation, as well as how to create the content. A good example of this would be the information, training and support I provide to tutors when they’re creating podcasts and screencasts.

I also develop online modules using software called Articulate 360. This software is used to create online modules that students can interact with on their own to access content and complete assessments based on the content.

Finally, I help staff and students with any technical difficulties that might arise when they’re using the technology. Online learning can be daunting at times for both staff and students. It’s important to make sure support is provided when they encounter a technical problem so they can get on with their teaching and learning as quickly as possible.

What is a typical day like for you?

A lot of my work is done on the computer, but I also spend a lot of time interacting with staff through individual and group training sessions. Yesterday I provided one-to-one training for a lecturer who was new to Blackboard. I helped him structure his module in line with blended learning best practices. We discussed assessment options that he might want to utilise in Blackboard, and then got these set up. After that, I spent a few hours recording audio voiceovers for an online module.

What was your most challenging project?

For the past two summers we have run several training workshops for tutors during the last few weeks of August. These cover Podcasting, Screencasting, Collaborate Ultra (the Virtual Classroom), Blogs and Discussion Boards, and Blackboard Assessment Tools.  Each workshop is 2 hours long and covers best practices and a how-to tutorial on each topic. Technology is always changing, so making sure the workshops are up-to-date and all the information is correct takes a lot of preparation time. The workshops are delivered every other day over a 2-week period. By the time they’re finished, I feel like I’ve run a marathon!

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love teaching and working with people. I also love the creative side of designing content using technology, so I pretty much love everything about my job! No two days are ever the same. There’s plenty of variety to keep me on my toes, spark my curiosity and satisfy my creativity.

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